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creative ethic(s)

although the course will very likely not result in (serious) games, it is nevertheless interesting to relate the theme(s) of Creative Technology Superpower(s) (Games) to creative ethics, or (as it is officially called) ethics for creative technologydeal(s) with issues related to the (future) professional ethics of creative technology graduates, new and emergent technology to improve the quality of life, psychological…


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CreaTe Game Studios

welcome to the new members: Ernst, Fabienne, Vesso, Thijs, Inéz, Michel, Christopher B., Patrick and jelle G. With (serious) game development as a central element in the new media track, Sven''s initiative to start the CreaTe Game Studios is very timely and appropriate. And, of course, your… Continue

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serious games -- does it matter?

I think it does! To announce a newly to be developed course, I wrote:

... serious games are more and more considered to be an effective means to bring about awareness, acquire skills, change behavior, and influence social patterns. With elementary game development technology, we… Continue

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serious game(s) -- issues

In the most recent of STT Expert Meetings the audience, all experts, presumably, was given the opportunity to ask questions, to be answered by the (expert) speakers. The theme of the meeting was play or be played, which has a similar ring as the, for creative technology students now familiar, phrase:…


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serious games as social technology

In the STT Expert Meetings on The Future of Serious Gaming, the topic of (11 February 2011) was (Serious) Gaming in a Networked Society, held at the hyves building at the Frederiksplein, Amsterdam. Although presenting an interesting variety of speakers, I felt that the central topic of serious gaming was not sufficiently articulated, and paying…


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draw & walk -- silence does not mean absence

draw & walk: yesterday, I was at the Media Jaarcongress in Hilversum, where the old media display their flirts with the new media. Actually it is going beyond that. The old media need the new media in a significant way. This includes the use of physical omputing, and the great variety of screens. The theme of the conference was: eye for the screen. Screens are important, for display, and to focus attention, but what… Continue

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