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In continuation on the efforts to pursue the field of serious gaming, two New Media Track students, Siewart and me, have started working together with T-XChange, as suggested before, to fill in our course Game Development.

We were proposed to work on a project that connects to our previous work on gamification/rewards, here is what happened so far:

After a meeting with Thomas de Groot where we introduced ourselves, got introduced to the company, and talked about what our interests and skills are, we met again this week with Paul Porskamp to discuss the project:

Design and construct a game to be played inside a company, introducing "het nieuwe werken" (the new world of work?).

The main requirement was that it would have to be scenario driven and that the scenarios could be constructed without writing any code. It was also made clear that this would first to be tested and introduced to their own company (~15 employees). 

Since T-XChange is currently doing the switch to Unity3D, we were asked to focus on that as main technology.

We agreed that Siewart and I will start with writing a (draft of a) design document to propose our solution for the problem. If applicable, a paper-prototype will follow (which is common practice at T-XChange). From there on playtesting and development at their location will take place in an iterative process.

At the end of the meeting we went a little around their office with Paul where he showed us some typical tasks for which motivation often lacks, here is a sample list:

  • Shut-down the computers
  • Make tape-backup of the data
  • Operate the dishwasher
  • Keep fridge in order
  • Clean Sandwich Toaster
  • Bring the paper-trash away
  • Water the plants
  • Collect Beer-bottles
  • Feed the shrimps / stock up if eaten
  • Keep the desk(s) clean
  • Check desk-setup (chair/monitor position)
  • Say "good morning" to secretary and cleaning-service
  • Accept telephone-calls (if secretary is not present)
  • Don't forget print jobs
  • Clean up whiteboard
  • Order Food on thursdays
  • Clean up after borrel

Can we build a game that changes the employees behaviour, improving the general work environment? I am confident that yes, we can. Further, T-XChange seems like a great place for this kind of experiment -- not only because of their size but mainly because the office and the employees have a great saturation of all kinds of technology at their disposal, just waiting to be used!


Additional Resources:

Chorewars -- www.chorewars.com

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