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Jan Kolkmeier's Blog – March 2011 Archive (3)

Reward Structures, a self experiment?

In course of our Qarma project we explore how we can motivate people using game mechanics. One mechanic with great potential are rewards. Rewards in games are a complex topic, but the general idea is that the player gets frequent and direct feedback to his action, giving a satisfying feeling.

This kind of feedback is lacking dramatically in real life. Often the work people do…


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Social Groups, Part 1: Modelling Properties

We believe that game mechanics can be used motivate people to do practically everything, with pleasure. To "make the world a better place" however, we need some more ingredients. To achieve big things we need the resources of groups. This is the first post of a series in which we try to approach concepts of social groups for our means through reflection.


To be able to use groups as an entity in our research we need to be able to "measure" them. Otherwise we can't…


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Introducing the Qarma Project

Herjan, Siewart and me started working on our new project in the course of our New Media track. Let me introduce it to you:


Title: Qarma

Subtitle: Exploring game mechanics for persuasive applications

3-Sentence-explanation: Our aspirations for this project are to explore how game…


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