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A journey of a thousend miles begins with the first steps. And so for the CTSG, this social network may regarded as one of the first steps. In some of the slogans for creative technology, I remarked that we will use social processes for the innovation of technology.. However, as social networks are, at this stage, still an experiment, in that we do not know where it leads us, we will have to see what will be the outcome. For all member this might require to find a way to become active. Luckily every member has already spent some time reflecting on his/her favorite superpower, and the next step is, hence, to see how such power(s) might be applied in game development. Games for fun, education, or critical play, to reflect on technology, but also to use technology, in exploratory development of new, or why not old, experiences, since after all, in the words of Huizinga,man is a playful animal, which allows us to draw a magic circle, or in other wor(l)ds, impose our own set of rules.. If nothing else, the CTSG may serve as a unifying goal for all courses in creative technology. But that would be too minimal I think.
Let's not avoid the potential wars between the creatives and the technology-minded people, but strive for a cooperative, or co-creative approach to game development, crossing the blue and red lines, so to speak in expressing ideas for the CTSG and realizing fragments of it, and elaborate the concept, as indicated in the resource(s). For all of you, express your ideas, and contribute whatever you have in terms of ideas, style, taste, technology, chaos and personality. Simply put, to get the CTSG(s) of the ground, we must make some noise, collectively, and see what comes out, in the spirit of together we create!

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