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Technology choice? I present: google appengine!

I discovered the google appengine some time ago but found out about it's potential just now - and it seems just right for us:
  • a great (offline) development environment intended to create apps collaboratively.
  • full support for two programming languages: python and java (everybody should have basic skills in the latter, while the first one is very friendly to start with as well)
  • platform independence (from development to release)
  • easy access to a lot of google's APIs/services (maps, mail, wave, picasa, docs, reader, calender....)
  • database (datastore)
  • User authentication with google accounts
I will definitely continue investigating GAE.

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certainly a worthwhile approach, also looking at some of the other NM and CA courses,
in particular for the development of social games, another branch of the CTSG.
Also for the less technical creatives. I look forward to continuations on this thread.

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