creative technology serious/superpower game(s)

imperative(s) -- let's make some noise!

to be honest, it is also my first effort to create a (micro) social network and as indicated by the discussion(s), we need to consider why we use such a facility. Is it for collaboration(s), or more importantly perhaps for promotion(s), that is giving voice to (y)our work to the outside world.

All in all this should be a common effort, and we should be serious about what problem(s) we tackle, not forgetting though that we do not always have to be original to be relevant. Anyhow, for the individual student, this also means work for the individual portfolio(s), as well as contribution(s) to this network and the common(s), to create both individual and group identity!

Our first target is to create interactive spectacle(s) for the Smart XP, to provide the missing F. And the next target is an installation at #GOGBOT, where we might explore how for we can get on the topic of singularity with the CT(..)G.

In conclusion: let's find appropriate challenge(s), inspired by Jan K.

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